Friday, January 31, 2014

Pecan Pie Martini (and Easy Maple Roasted Pecans)

Pecan Pie Martini and Easy Maple Roasted Pecans

Recently, the nice folks at Pinnacle Vodka sent me a new flavor to test.  Brian and I already have quite a nice flavor collection but this is one that wasn't in our arsenal yet.  That's pretty amazing, actually, since we have trouble passing a liquor store without wanting to browse and those sweet blue bottles always seem to call to us.  We'll see a flavor we haven't tried before and we both look at each other and can almost see our cocktail making wheels spinning.  Otherwise, we're normal people.  Really.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


A very warm welcome to all you friends, old and new.  If you know us from Hungry Couple then you've noted that we shake a mean cocktail.  When we go to new restaurants, our first question is whether they have a specialty cocktail menu and we're disappointed if they don't.

We may order some wine with dinner and serve beer at summer outings but there's something so interesting about the perfect blend of ingredients in a fine cocktail.  We do a lot around here and we're always trying to achieve the right balance between sweet, tart and spirit.

Some of the recipes you'll find here over time will be our favorite versions of classics and some will be recreations of delights we found on our travels but most will be our very own creations.  There may even be a review, here and there.  So, welcome.  We hope you'll follow us on social media and keep coming back for more rounds.  Cheers!