Sunday, March 8, 2015

Hey, Where's My Cocktail?!?

Blood Orange Mint Gimlet
Blood Orange Mint Gimlet
About a year ago, I decided to spin off the cocktail section of Hungry Couple to this site. I thought they were special enough to warrant their own space on the web where drink enthusiasts like me could gather.

But lately I've been rethinking that. Hungry Couple is more than just recipes. It's about life. Travel and tips and eye catching photography and life in the big city. I love the fine art of cocktail making and it is part of my life. So it no longer makes sense to keep the two separate. What was I thinking when I did it?? Maybe I was drunk!

So, I'm bringing the cocktails back to Hungry Couple starting this week. Check out the minty blood orange deliciousness I posted on Thursday!  Those of you who already read Hungry Couple will now be happy to find all the food and drink and whatnots in one place. And those of you who found A Cocktail Life first will now be in for a treat.

I hope you follow me to Hungry Couple where we'll be eating and drinking well from now on. Cheers!